With more than 15 tracks written, punk princess Gwen Stefani is readying her return as a solo artist. Her long-awaited record was originally set to be released last winter, but Stefani instead shared two stand-alone singles: “Baby Don’t Lie” and “Spark The Fire.” 

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“I’m always in a rush. I want to get music out always and as soon as possible,” she recently told Entertainment Tonight. “I have never had a writing experience like this. This has been literally channeling unbelievable luck.”

She has been working with a group of songwriters and producers that she refers to as the Breakfast Club. “I went in and I found these kids—these writers and these producers—it’s a group of us,” she said. “I have 15 songs, or probably more than that. I do have more than that because I have a bunch from before, but the ones that I’m really addicted to, that I’m like, ‘Okay, these are the ones.’ It feels so good and it’s been incredible.”

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Stefani’s recently appeared with her iconic ska-punk group No Doubt at Riot Fest Chicago. Check out our photo gallery of their performance.