Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams has been pretty active in promoting her hair dye company, Good Dye Young, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have time for a fun Twitter exchange with Nick Grimshaw.

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It all started earlier this evening when BBC Radio 1 tweeted out of Grimshaw’s pick of the best Paramore song:

“@grimmers thinks The Only Exception is Paramore’s BEST SONG EVER. Is he right…?”

While we do love the Brand New Eyes track, we’ve got a few picks ourselves of our favorite tracks, and it appears that Williams had a differing opinion of the band’s best song as well.

Taking to Twitter to share her thoughts, Williams decided to have some fun with Grimshaw and quoted the tweet with “the short answer is no,” quickly followed by a gif of Taylor Swift with a caption of “you are right about many other things tho.”

The Twitter exchange was in good fun, of course, and honestly? We’re pretty sure all of Paramore’s songs are the best.

What do you think? Do you agree with Nick Grimshaw?

In the meantime, Williams has been promoting her Good Dye Young products quite a bit as of late. Williams recently shared a heartfelt blog post on the company’s Strands blog about her hair journey and the meaning of changing hair colors.

“Hair, just like songwriting, is a very expressive outlet,” the Paramore frontwoman writes.

The new blog post isn’t the only thing Williams has been sharing when it comes to promoting her hair dye line Good Dye Young. She recently graced our ears with four glorious minutes ASMR.

The singer attempted to create her own video from the  YouTube phenomenon and whispered about her product.

It was also just announced that Good Dye Young is going to be sold online via Sephora. Starting on Oct. 2, the Poser Paste hair makeup and semi-permanent hair colors will be available on the makeup site. In the meantime, you can pick up all of your hair color needs on their website here.

Additionally, the company added four new shades to the Poser Paste roster. New colors include Rock Lobster (red), Kowabunga (vibrant, neon green), Narwhal (electrifying aqua), and PPL Eater (purple).