During Radiohead's two-hour Coachella set last night, the band experienced three sound glitches that resulted in them having to leave the stage twice.

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Only three songs into the set, the band was met with sound glitches, including a complete sound dropout, that forced them to leave the stage.

The first sound dropout occurred during “Ful Stop,” while the second happened during “15 Step,” with the second audio dropout lasting for most of the song and the band exiting the stage.

The issue resurfaced at the end of “Let Down,” after which the band left the stage once again much to the frustration of the crowd and band.

“Can you actually hear me?” Thom Yorke asked the crowd once they returned to the stage. “I’d like to tell a joke to lighten the mood. But we’re Radiohead so fuck it.”

Thankfully, the audio problems stopped and they were able to soldier through and finish their set.

Check out videos below of the difficulties and let us know what you think in the comments.


Sound keeps cutting out during #radiohead at coachella �� #someonesgettingfired

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