[Photo credit: Rammstein website]

Rammstein are going above and beyond in preparation for their next album.

The band revealed in an interview that they have “35 songs almost finished” for a new full-length. Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe dropped the news in a video promoting their upcoming live Blu-ray/DVD, Rammstein Paris.

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As reported by Loudwire, the German industrial metal band is currently recording the songs for a new record. Kruspe skirted questions about a release date, while offering that their next album will be “worth the wait.”

Fellow Rammstein guitarist Paul Landers added to the outlook of the anticipated LP, saying, “There’s a great chance of an excellent album. We already have six very good songs.”

Rammstein Paris comes out on May 19. Rammstein's last album was released in 2009.