Real Friends have decided to celebrate seven years of being a band by posting what they're calling “Something Old, Something New” sessions for fans to enjoy.

Check out the first installment below!

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“We're grateful for seven years of your endless support and love” Real Friends tweeted earlier today. Coming up on their seven year anniversary, the band has decided to show their appreciation for their fans by creating the “Something Old, Something New” sessions, which will be posted frequently. 

The band's first installment included an acoustic version of “Skeletons” as their 'Something Old', and an acoustic version of “Mokena” for their 'Something New'. Both of which were filmed in Kyle's bedroom, of course. The band also released a few words about the sessions shortly after sharing the videos.

“In celebration of our seven year existence as a band we've decided to frequently post these acoustic (maybe sometimes not acoustic) sessions. We have quite a few songs under our belts now, so we figure this would be a good way to shine a new light on our songs. These performances will take place in one location with two songs being played. One song will be old and one song will be new(er). This is the first installment of Something Old, Something New Sessions. Enjoy.”

Check out the very first installment of “Something Old, Something New” below.

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