Hi! This is a polite reminder that Alkaline Trio were on MTV’s “hit reality show” The Hills—you know, the LA-centric sequel to Laguna Beach—and it was so painfully awkward.

The band weren’t awkward, of course. They played great! But the drama surrounding them—a rift between Audrina, LC and Lo—filled the air with nail-biting tension.

You see, Audrina worked at Epic Records, Alkaline Trio’s label at the time. She was sitting in on one of the band’s recording sessions and invited her friends (LC and Lo) to join the festivities. But Lo hated (I mean hated) Audrina. So it was only natural that she was on her phone texting and ignoring the band the entire time. Excuse you. LC and Lo then decided they wanted lunch and left while Alkaline Trio were in the middle of a performance.

Long story short: These girls had an opportunity some music fans would kill for: a private concert by Alkaline Trio. But they were all like, “I want lunch!”

Watch below. The song the Trio are playing is “In Vein,” which is taken from 2008’s Agony & Irony

Alkaline Trio on The Hills from Michael Whalen on Vimeo.