Yesterday a mysterious countdown titled “Prophets Of Rage” was launched with the hashtag #TakeThePowerBack. Many attributed this countdown to a potential Rage Against The Machine reunion, as a fan-operated Rage Against The Machine twitter account and LA radio station KROQ helped share the page. However, today a source close to Rolling Stone has stated that this project will not be an official Rage Against The Machine reunion. The source affirms that this project will feature some members of the band, and will include performances, but no other details have been revealed yet. The official Rage Against The Machine pages and members have neither confirmed nor denied this news yet. You can view a statement from Rolling Stone's source below.

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“This is not a Rage-specific reunion,” says the source. “There's a lot more to it. There are a lot of moving parts, a lot of exciting news to be revealed.”

The project will include “some of the members of Rage.” The source also confirms the project will include live shows. “Whether that's one show, or five shows, I don't know,” says the source. “There are more announcements to come.”