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Reporters Without Borders Germany has found a way to share stories that have been censored: turning them into songs.

Learn more about The Uncensored Playlist below.

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Using a loophole in the laws of opressive countries, the organization partnered journalists and musicians to turn news stories into pop songs that can be shared through music streaming service.

Reporters Without Borders Germany noticed that, while news stories can be censored in some countries, music streaming sites are free. So, five independent journalists from five opressive countries—China, Egypt, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Vietnam—teamed up with musical director Lucas Mayer to turn their previously censored articles into 10 songs, which where later uploaded to music streaming sites, such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Digital Music News reports the tracks were recorded in English and the reporter's local languages, using aliases to protect the authors. The songs were also uploaded with artworks and alternative titles.

You can learn more about The Uncensored Playlist here and listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer.

Watch a video about the project below:

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