Rick and Morty
[Photo by: Adult Swim]

A new Rick and Morty promo is out, and it might have secret messages.

Fans are sure there’s something hidden in the video, they just can’t agree on what.

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The promo released yesterday has some psychedelic visuals, and fans agree it looks pretty cool. However, there’s something else bothering them: The caption.

The clip was shared with the text “This has no secret message.”

So, naturally there must be at least one secret message.

As Vice notes, fans went into a frenzy and started creating different conspiracies about what the video was trying to accomplish.

One Redditor user, GodlikeFake, pointed out that the high-pitched voice at the end sas either “Watch June 30” or “Don’t change the channel.”

Comments on Reddit suggest that you can find out when Season 4 will air based on the number of bananas and hot dogs in the promo. Others, believe the clip is more evidence towards the theory that Rick and Morty are the same person.

So, what exactly is this promo trying to tell us? You can watch it below and decide for yourself:

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