Are you a Rick and Morty fan, or do you just like savory sauces in general? How important is the McDonald's Szechuan McNugget sauce to you? Would you trade a large sum of money for a packet? Would you trade a car?

One Rick and Morty fan did just that, trading an entire car for one small packet of McDonald's McNugget Szechuan sauce, one of 20 a Macomb, Michigan McDonald's received during a revival for the sauce, which debuted years ago during a promotion for the Disney movie Mulan in 1998. 

The fast food chain brought it back briefly to get in on the joke Rick and Morty introduced during its Season 3 premiere episode. Titular character Rick Sanchez is basically obsessed with the sauce, and McDonald's took its rising popularity as a reason to bring the sauce back for one shining day. 

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One graphic designer named Rachel Marie snagged a car for her trouble after a very small number of packets of Szechuan sauce were given out during the McDonald's promotion. Marie went to the closest McDonald's 45 miles away in Detroit and waited for hours to get a packet of sauce. 

When she successfully snagged one from McDonald's, where the line of customers was “snaking around the building,” as she described, she had an idea to post the sauce packet on a Facebook group called Pin Nation, where users trade pins of all varieties. 

Marie, speaking to Business Insider, managed to find someone who was actually willing to trade a 2000 Volkswagen Golf Mk4 for the single packet of sauce. The owner drove it over to Marie's home and completed the trade, stating that he “just needed [me] some friggin' sauce!!” 

It may seem absolutely insane, but perhaps we've all done some pretty crazy things in the name of our favorite shows. Did you manage to get a packet of the ridiculously popular Szechaun sauce? Let us know in the comments below!