Pantera Rihanna
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Over the years, Rihanna has shared some subtle nods to her love for heavy metal music.

Now, she is showing her appreciation for Pantera in a bold new look this week.

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Back in 2019, we learned that Slipknot was once Rihanna’s all-time favorite band. The news came from an unlikely source – fashion mogul Tim Blanks who posted a photo with Rihanna on Instagram.

“The first time I met Rihanna, she told me her favourite band was Slipknot. SHE’s launching her fabulous new collection in Paris, but where are THEY now?”


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As well, Rihanna has previously been seen sporting merch from bands including Judas Priest, Krokus and Nine Inch Nails.

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She even hired various death metal designers to create metal-inspired logos for her 2016 MTV Video Music Awards performance.

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Now, it looks like Rihanna is further showing off her appreciation for the genre in a new look this week. The performer was photographed sporting a new mullet and a vintage Pantera shirt. The black t-shirt includes a green marijuana leaf along with the saying “If Bad Company did it, So Can Weed.”

According to this WorthPoint listing, the Pantera shirt is from their 1991 Vulgar Display of Power tour. However, Pantera do have an alternate design of the shirt currently available in their merch store. Since the look’s debut, fans have been sharing their opinions on both the Pantera shirt and the return of Rihanna’s mullet.

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What are your reactions to Rihanna sporting a Pantera shirt? Let us know in the comments below.