A ‘Riverdale,’ ‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’ crossover almost happened
[Photos by: YouTube screenshot, The CW]

Forthcoming Netflix show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina had intentions of crossing paths with the CW success Riverdale. However, after Riverdale became a huge hit, the shows’ producers decided to let the worlds coexist on their own.

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In the Archie Comics’, a modern spin-off comic called Afterlife With Archie was made by the Riverdale and Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. The spin-off comics centered around a zombie apocalypse in Riverdale. Originally, the CW adaptation was meant to take a supernatural turn.

This would seem like the perfect opportunity to combine the two worlds. So why did it never happen?

According to Entertainment Weekly, the early stages of Riverdale explored the possibility of taking on the teenage witch, Sabrina, as an antagonist. Using Sabrina as a cliffhanger in the final episode of Riverdale season one was also up in the air.

Ultimately, the shows’ producers decided that it would be best to keep the two shows completely apart, as Riverdale adopted the crime genre so well.

“For various reasons, and I think partly because Riverdale found its footing as more crime show, that felt less and less like the right fit,” Aguirre-Sacasa says. “It felt like if Riverdale is crime and pulp and all that stuff, then Sabrina could be horror. It felt like there was a separation between Greendale and Riverdale — magic should exist in Greendale, but not in Riverdale.”

While that makes perfect sense, we would have geeked over a crossover.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina is slated to premiere on Netflix Oct. 26, just in time for Halloween. Check out the show’s trailer below.

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