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If you were shocked after last night's episode of Riverdale, we've got some news: You should have seen it coming.

Cole Sprouse was making Jughead's—and his—fate clear on Twitter. If only we had paid more attention…

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Before we go on, let's take a minute to do a recap of Riverdale's S02E21—if you haven't watched, just skip this paragraph. At the end of the episode, Jughead is beaten up and carried offscreen by his father, which left many fans wondering if he's dead or just badly injured. Sprouse added to their fear, by tweeting a goodbye to the show.

“Grateful, thank you #riverdale,” the actor wrote.

As you might guess, his followers we're not OK with the tweet. Could this mean Jughead is actually dead? Will we not be seeing him or Sprouse on the show anymore?

This might be too much for us to handle.

That hurt.

But maybe Sprouse is just trolling us, right? Sure, but Teen Vogue noticed some suspicious tweets the actor had been sending in the past couple month that could be a hint that he's leaving the show.

For example, he congratulated the cast and crew when it was announced Riverdale had been picked up for a third season. However, Sprouse never mentioned still being a part of the series.

If that wasn't painful enough already, there's more!

On May 1, just days before the episode was released, Sprouse tweeted: “Why put actor, model, singer, dancer, writer, creator in your bio when you can just put unemployed?”

Maybe he was messing with us, maybe it was his way of letting us know what was about to happen in Riverdale.

Either way, it's not fair.

However (and be careful because there are even more spoilers coming below!), one fan noted the synopsis for next week's Riverdale episode mentions Jughead. 

And another really observant fan is pretty sure she saw Sprouse's hands on the teaser for episode 22.

Does this mean we can breathe with ease again?

Probably not, since it's hard to know what to expect from Riverdale. But at least we can have some hope that Jughead won't be leaving the series, after all.

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