[Photo by: The CW]

Want to look just like a River Vixen? Now you can, thanks to this seriously stunning new Riverdale eyeshadow palette.

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Take your love for Riverdale to the next level with this River Vixen eyeshadow palette, a Hot Topic exclusive with some bold, show-inspired shades including a matte brown called “Pussycat,” metallic green called “I'm a weirdo” and a classic black called “Dark Betty.”

It can't get much cuter, with the letters of Riverdale pressed into each color, along with matching cheerleader pom-poms connected to the palette. It also includes a double sided application brush for beauty lovers on the go. 

The color variety (and seriously stunning packaging) makes this palette a perfect fit for any eyeshadow needs.

riverdale eyeshadow palette
[Photo by: Hot Topic]

Grab your palette here while it's still in stock so you can share your inner River Vixen.

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