[Photo by: The CW, Hot Topic]

If you can't get enough of Riverdale, then Hot Topic's new Riverdale-inspired liquid lipstick collection will certainly be a must-have.

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As a perfect matching companion to their Riverdale eyeshadow palette, the lipstick collection is based off of each female main character.

The bright red “Blossom Pride” is named after Cheryl Blossom. A dark berry “Manhattan Princess” is titled after Veronica Lodge. A soft pink “Perfectly Pink” is named after Betty Cooper. And lastly, a deep pink “Pussycat” is titled after Josie McCoy.

riverdale liquid lipsticks
[Photo by: Hot Topic]

Plus, the liquid lipstick kit comes equipped with River Vixen-esque pom-poms!

It's currently available for purchase here.

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