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We know and love Riverdale, but if you think about it, where is Riverdale actually located? One fan on Reddit might’ve figured it out—and the evidence actually kind of makes sense.

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Reddit user “srq2033” broke it down, saying they think Archie and co. live in New York state, maybe around the Rockland/Westchester County area. Of course, they explain that the show is supposed to represent that idyllic ~small-town America.~

But the user explains that the show has previously mentioned that Riverdale is located in Rockland County, which is located on the western side of the Hudson River, right near Rampo. And they explain that Rampo, in the Native American language of Lenape, means “sweet water,” just like Sweet Water River in Riverdale.

And, as “srq2033” explains, in Season One Episode 12, Jughead is on a bus bound to “Mamaroneck,” a small town in Westchester County.

Where Riverdale ACTUALLY Takes Place. from r/riverdale

All seem logical? We think so, too.