[Photo by: The CW]

Last night's Carrie-inspired musical episode of Riverdale gave us just the right mix of drama and musical numbers that we seriously can't get out of our heads.

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After watching last night's musical episode, “Chapter Thirty-One: A Night to Remember,” we couldn't help but want to listen to the songs on repeat and luckily for us, we can do just that. Earlier this morning, the soundtrack to yesterday's musical episode dropped, and it's now available to stream on Apple Music by going here.

The album features all of the 11 tracks that the students of Riverdale High performed during their production of Stephen King's 1974 horror novel Carrie

Check out the official tracklist below! 

1. In
2. Carrie
3. Do Me A Favor
4. Unsuspecting Hearts
5. The World According To Chris
6. The World According To Chris (Reprise)
7. You Shine
8. You Shine (Reprise)
9. Stay Here Instead
10. A Night We'll Never Forget
11. Evening Prayers

If anyone needs us, we'll be channeling all of our Riverdale faves and singing some, uhm, actually all, of these songs! 

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