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Do you have any plans for the weekend? Make sure to cancel them all to binge on Riverdale!

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The second season of the show has just been added to Netflix, so just find the most comfortable spot in your house to watch Jughead and co.

Netflix wasted no time after the finale on May 16, and all 22 episodes of Riverdale Season 2 are already streaming.

This means you can already watch the Carrie: The Musical episode again or cry over that gory Jughead scene.

There's surely enough time to watch it all over again while you wait for Season 3 and, if that`s not enough, the beloved show and comic series will soon be hitting stands in bookstores near you this summer.

The first book to be released from the company will be the Aug. 28 release of the Riverdale Student Handbook, a book that will give fans an in-depth look into surviving the ups and downs of attending Riverdale High.

Following the handbook will be Riverdale: The Day Before–The Prequel Novel, a young-adult novel that gives fans an insight into what life in the town of Riverdale was like before the start of The CW's show. Written by Micol Ostow, the book is slated to come just in time for the holiday seaso. It will be written in multiple points of views with pretty epic bonus content, including Josie's lyrics, Hiram Lodge’s arrest record, snippets of Jughead’s novel and notes between Betty and Veronica. 

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