Pennsylvania death metal quintet Rivers Of Nihil will be releasing their second full-length studio album on August 21 through Metal Blade Records. Following 2013's excellent The Conscious Seed Of Light, Monarchy is shaping up to be a worthy successor that highlights the band's evolution and growing merit within the extreme metal scene.

Today, the band has released a brand new video for their single, “Sand Baptism.” Mostly focusing on the band performing in an open outdoors area, the video—directed by David Brodsky—also has a slow reveal throughout that relates to the track's lyrics. You'll have to stick around till the end to see what it's all about. You can view the video below.

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In regards to the track itself, Rivers Of Nihil shared with Loudwire, where the video premiered: “‘Sand Baptism’ is a track where we purposely fused our more traditional death metal sound with the newer elements that we brought to the table on this new album. This track is a well balanced serving of emotion, brutality, technicality, and catchiness. We really wanted to focus on writing SONGS on this record instead of just stringing riffs together. ‘Sand Baptism’ does a great job of showing how we have evolved as a band both in a song writing capacity and also as individual players.”

Pre-orders for Monarchy are ongoing.