If you're a horror fan, there are some topics you occasionally ponder. One is, “How was Evil Dead 2 so damn good?” Another, “Why does Halloween III: Season Of The Witch even exist?”

A common thought is, “I wonder where all those awesome, iconic props went?” Fans have particularly wondered about Freddy Krueger's original, bladed glove from the cult classic A Nightmare On Elm Street.

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Robert Englund, who played Krueger in the classic films, has now revealed where the famous glove went: He stole it. (via iHorror)

Yep. At Mosterpalooza, Englund talked about why he stole the glove through a hysterical anecdote, which ends with him giving it to his agent, who apparently won't give it back.

“The original glove was given to me by Wes [Craven, director/writer] for pickup shots on Nightmare 2,” England says. “I went to work, and there was this huge rumor, from you guys [points to moderator Tony Timpone] about industrial espionage because they were the weather vein of popular culture, and they knew that this franchise had become even more iconic than we realized.

“Guys pretended to be crew members on the pickup shot day, in this little studio on Santa Monica Blvd, and they wore tool belts and everything, they were there to get the glove,” he continues. “And we heard about this, Kevin Yager told me this.

“So, I stole the real glove; I just took it,” Englund confesses. “I didn’t know it came from Wes—I know it now—but I stole it that day. There were like a couple of doubles, but I stole the original glove. I’m busy being Willie from V and going to film festivals in Paris and getting awards for Science Fiction shows and so I stuffed it, and I outlined it in red and green neon, and I floated it in a plexiglass box, and I gave it to my agent. He won’t give it back!”

There you have it, folks. Englund stole Krueger's original glove.

What props do you wonder about? Tell us where you think they are in the comments.

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