[Photo by: Michael Stiller]

Ever wanted to see a show on Broadway? Need help picking out a show? Let us suggest one for you. If you’re as big of a rock fan as we are, you should appreciate Rocktopia, which melds classic rock songs from the last 100 years with classical music. 

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It’s a show where you’ll find music from U2, Beethoven, Journey, Mozart, Queen, and even Tchaikovsky mingling in one place. The brainchild of vocalist Rob Evan and Maestro Randall Craig, the show features musical arrangements with a 5-piece rock band, 20-piece orchestra, and a choir that’s 40 members strong. 

The show’s been in the works for eight years, and if you like both classical music and classic rock, Rocktopia will combine the two in an intriguing manner, drawing from talent like Tony Vincent (Rent, American Idiot), Kimberly Nichole (The Voice), and more. 

The live concert will be hitting Broadway starting on March 20, 2018 and will run for six weeks, ending on April 29, 2018. You can buy tickets in advance of the general public if you happen to use an American Express card on Oct. 30 at 10 AM. ET throughout Nov. 6 at 9:59 AM ET. After that, tickets will go on sale for everyone else. 

Are you interested in seeing how both genres of music can intertwine together on Broadway? Let us know in the comments below!