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Rolling Stones get Mars rock named after them, Robert Downey Jr. reveals

The rock has some important significance to NASA.

August 23, 2019
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The legacy of The Rolling Stones is transcending Earth as the band now have a rock on Mars named after them. 

The honor comes from NASA, or more specifically, the team responsible for NASA’s InSight lander. 

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They named the small rock “Rolling Stones Rock”. The small rock, which is about the size of a golf ball, appeared to roll three feet following the touchdown of the InSight craft in November. That is the furthest distance NASA has even seen a rock roll while landing a spacecraft on another planet, which is why they’ve paid special interest to it. 

The band made a statement about the special rock being named after them. 

 “What a wonderful way to celebrate the ‘Stones No Filter’ tour arriving in Pasadena,” the Rolling Stones said in a statement. “This is definitely a milestone in our long and eventful history. A huge thank you to everyone at NASA for making it happen.”

The rock will appear on working maps of the planet for time to come, so the band’s prominence is not only cemented here but also on Mars. 

You can see a visual representation of the rock’s journey below.  

We previously knew something was happening between the Rolling Stones, the Marvel star, NASA, The Rose Bowl and the Aries star sign. 

Downey tweeted a mysterious teaser prior to the gig to let fans know that something was coming. NASA and the Rolling Stones followed suit, and you can see all of those posts below. 

The announcement about the naming of the rock came from Iron Man’s Robert Downey Jr., who went on stage during the band’s gig at the Rose Bowl Stadium. 

He discussed the relationship with the band and some of NASA’s projects, leading into the big announcement. Check out the full video below. 

What do you think of the Rolling Stones getting a rock named after them? Sound off in the comments down below!

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Written by Alex Darus