Ronnie Radkesinger of Falling In Reverse, posted an orignial verse on Instagram early this morning. Could it be a new song in the making? Check it out below:



ronnie radke song lyrics“I spot a victim, the plot’ll thicken when the clock is tickin'
I caught em slippin', I gotta give em a shot, I hit em with proper spittin'
Hottest writtens and compositions, so competition's a contradiction
Somebody mentioned they got it crooked, highly fiction,
We probably different, got Gotti henchmen,
Opposition our body quick as Bugatti engines
I’m on a mission to get richer, The sickest lyric kicker diggin' a ditch for different spitters
Sweet lyricists get disfigured, sip liquor Spit like a sick mixture
Of Notorious Pun and L get the big picture
The poster I’ll roast ya,
My mind so deadly it’s just like the beanie is close to a holster
It’s over control my whole coastal region like I’m supposed to
Flow is going postal evening, open season
Heart close to freezing, ruthless is easy nigga
Approach I’m squeezing, believe me
Dopest West Coaster breathing
So most y'all hope I’m vegan, no pun, beefing
Rappers need to keep it trill
Give me a beat to kill too many people still eating sleeping pills
People sleeping on my ether skills
And y'all ain't even real
We about to die in this cypher
Before you die you should do the Jada and leave a Will