Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke recently spoke to Noisecreep about his workout plans and prep for Warped Tour:

What do you do to prepare for an intense summer run like that?
Right now I'm doing a thing called the Insanity Challenge. It's like a work out regimen – extreme conditioning training – I'm doing it with my drummer. We do it every day so we can be the best we can be on the summer Warped Tour because of how demanding it is. Every day, we go from the extreme training to our rehearsal studio to rehearse. We turn up the heat to about 98 degrees to make us sweat, and then we put all this gear on and we pretend like we are actually playing on stage and move around like we're on stage so that we condition our bodies so that when we are hot the sun, we're not like out of breath and about to pass out.

Sounds like sort of a Warped pre-tour boot camp.
I do this with every tour because I never want to be half-assing anything when it comes to performing live. It's hard out there, especially on Warped. People don't always give bands credit for being out there for 30 to 42 dates or so straight in what mostly is extremely hot weather – over 107 degrees sometimes.”