Pennsylvania metalcore band, Royal/Revise, have released a music video for the song, “Your Shadow”. The song is taken from the band’s upcoming Advent EP that was produced by Brette Ciamarra of Studio 344 (Those Who Fear, Rings of Saturn, Kamikabe, Delusions of Grandeur). Advent will be released on October 28, 2014. A raucous release show is planned for Halloween evening, October 31, at Basement Transmissions located in Erie, PA. Pre-orders are available at here or here.  

“This song is about watching someone that you care about walk out of your life,” shared Frontman LJ Fickenworth about “Your Shadow”. “Coming to terms with something like that can be extremely hard but once you do, the inner strength gained is concrete. Once you find that resolve, it will never let you down and will lead you to greater days.” 

According to Fickenworth, the message behind the record is born from this event and follows the coping process throughout the other songs:”‘Dark Passenger’ represents the inner struggle, and blame that you feel after the event. ‘Advent’ symbolizes the anger that can consume you in the course of coping and ‘Still Breathing’ offers a look into the sadness that can be felt. Finally, ‘Ego’ shows the completion of this process by exemplifying the determination and inner resolution to live life to the fullest and appreciate everything.”

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