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In Russia, a group by the name of What Is Good 2.0, or the “Teach Good” community, are working diligently to cancel concerts hosted by bands and artists who use foul language and untraditional ideals in their lyrics. The group is additionally citing bands and events to authorities to “properly” get the events cancelled.

Strangely enough, members of the group are actually succeeding in shutting these shows down. Several concerts have been cancelled due to “provocative language.”

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Concerned parents with a strong desire to uphold traditional values within their families originally made the group. In a story with TJournal, the parents’ goal is “to come out in a united front against seducing young Satanists.”

The group targets rap and pop musicians with a large younger following. As a whole, the group then monitors relevant figures in pop culture and reports any sign of “amoral” propaganda, such as lyrical mentions of drugs, sadism and bad language.

What Is Good 2.0 is a group with 160,000 members on VKontakte, Russia’s version of Facebook.

On the page’s pinned post, the group says that because of what goes into booking concerts, promoters will not want to risk losing money over “amoral” acts if their event were to be forcefully cancelled.

“If you manage to cancel 2-3 concerts of immoral performers in your city, then all regional promoters, having lost a lot of personal time and money, will think 10 times next time before inviting Feys, Eldzhey, Huskies and other freaks to you,” the post reads.

According to the BBC, many Russian citizens are taking to social media to combat the group’s efforts.

“In Soviet Russia we hid books and read them at night,” a Twitter user says. “In Russia 2018 we’ll be listening to music in headphones, under the covers.”

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