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The highly anticipated release of Deadpool 2 is quickly approaching, and prior to the film’s release, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has taken on some interesting gigs in order to promote the forthcoming film.

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Prior to the film’s theatrical release, Reynolds took on one of his most bizarre roles yet: a singing masked unicorn performing a surprisingly good rendition of Annie’s “Tomorrow.”

Over the weekend, Reynolds appeared on one of South Korea’s most popular television shows, King of Mask Singer, a singing competition where competitors wear costumes during their performances until they are eliminated.

Swaying to his impressive performance, the judges are quite taken with the actor’s rendition of the song, they even complimented his voice! Of course, they soon wanted to know who was behind the mask, and they were in for quite a shock once they realized who that person actually was.

Mayhem ensued once the judges realized that the person behind the mask was the Ryan Reynolds, and to be honest, we’d have the same reaction if we got serenaded by Reynolds.

Watch Reynolds perform “Tomorrow”:

Watch the crowd reaction once his identity is revealed:

We know from previous trailers of the forthcoming Deadpool movie, after saving the world from the evils of gluten, Wilson has a bigger problem to face: A mutant soldier, Cable (Josh Brolin), has kidnapped a boy. Realizing he can’t do it on his own, he enlists the help of a new epic team that he’s named the “X-Force.”

With the addition of the new soundtrack, we’re even more excited for the new film considering the first Deadpool became the highest grossing rated R film when it hit theaters in 2016. We’re not sure if Wade Wilson and his new team could beat their previous record for highest-grossing rated R film again, but we’re excited to see him attempt.  

Be sure to catch Deadpool 2 when it hits theaters May 18.

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