SAINTE debut new song “With or Without Me”—watch

March 1, 2017
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It's been a while since we've heard new music from SAINTE, but the new group has just killed it with the release of “With or Without Me”

Check it out below!

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SAINTE's debut release was back in October with “Technicolor” and we've been dying for new music since then. Tay Jardine talked about the future of SAINTE in an interview with Alt Press back in December.

“We’re actually filming part two and three of this “Technicolor” video sequence we’re doing. I’m really excited. We’re gonna do that in a couple weeks. Hopefully some touring next year and obviously new music. That’s definitely gonna happen.”

It was confirmed through a livestream on Facebook that this new song is a part two to the “Technicolor” video sequence that she mentioned back in December.

Jardine has been teasing this new video through a series of tweets and even went on Facebook live thirty minutes before the new video debuted.

She revealed a fun fact through the livestream that the reason her band name is “Sainte” instead of “Saint” is because, “it's easier to Google.”

Recently, SAINTE guitarist Cameron Hurley covered the 1975 in the style of Blink-182 and it blew our minds. Even better, it also blew the minds of Mark Hoppus and Matty Healy.

Check out “With or Without Me” below!

Written by Jordan Toney