[Photo by: Peter Engel Productions/NBC]

Be prepared to feel all the '90s nostalgia, thanks to Sola Look's new Saved By The Bell lipstick collab, inspired by our favorite TV leading ladies.

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After teasing the Saved By The Bell collab last week, Sola Look cosmetics have finally shared a first look at the utterly gorgeous metallic liquid lipsticks, which are set to be released Feb. 3.

The lipsticks are named after the show's three major female characters—Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano and Lisa Turtle—and they've shared a peek at how the Kelly Kapowski shade looks on. “Do you think Zack Morris would approve?” they ask.

And we say YES.

The characters' shades are as follows:
Jessie: a copper, neutral metallic
Kelly: a bright salmon, peachy pink metallic
Lisa: a mid tone purple mauve metallic

Plus, each order comes with a Bayside Tigers pencil. Preorders are (unsurprisingly) sold out, but you can get a reminder for when it's back in stock here!