Saves The Day have announced via a message to fans who pledged for their crowd-funded new album that they will be releasing the self-titled effort this September via Equal Vision/Rory Records. 

Of their signing the band say:

“EVR is fucking stoked to be working with us.  That feeling is mutual.  They were the first label to give Saves The Day a chance.  They did that then because they liked the music; and that's why they're involved now.  Second, they have the capacity to help us grow our beautiful community.  Like us, they're hardcore kids deep down. They know where we came from and how that shaped what we are now. Third, Max Bemis, Max Bemis. Max. Bemis.  He's a beautiful soul.”

Vocalist Chris Conley continue s in a separate statement: 

“It's hard to believe it’s been 15 years since we put out the debut Saves The Day album on Equal Vision Records.  Back then, I was just a kid, 17 years old and still in high school.  Somehow, after our demo was rejected by all the other indie labels of the time, Steve from EVR called us up on a landline and asked if we’d like to make a record. 

We were in the middle of rehearsing some new songs in a basement somewhere in New Jersey, and we dropped our instruments and jumped up and down, excited and amazed.  No way to know that when we got the call it was the beginning of what would be an incredible journey through the world of music and beyond.  In retrospect, I can see clearly that without Steve and Equal Vision Records, there would be no Saves The Day. 

After all these years, I still hold holy gratitude in my heart for Steve and his faith in our music.  Signing back to Equal Vision feels like coming home.”


The album release date is set for September 17. Fans who backed the album on Pledge Music are expected to receive their copies early.

Saves The Day self-titled 2013

Saves The Day tracklisting:

1. Remember
2. In The In Between
3. Beyond All Of Time
4. Ain't No Kind Of Love
5. Lucky Number
6. Xenophobic Blind Left Hook
7. The Tide Of Our Times
8. Supernova
9. Verona
10. Ring Pop
11. Stand In The Stars