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Scarypoolparty explores relationship insecurities on “Friends”–listen

Scarypoolparty will also embark on The Acoustic Tour this summer.

June 4, 2021
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Scarypoolparty, the stage name of singer-songwriter Alejandro Aranda, has dropped an intimate new single, “Friends. It’s impossible to predict what Scarypoolparty will do next in terms of style, but on this track, the musician shows off his gentle, yet powerful vocal ability and borderline unbelievable instrumental talent while exploring themes of nostalgia and giving an honest look into the reality of romantic connection.

The deeply personal song was first announced on Twitter and dives into the insecurities of establishing a special connection in a new relationship. Aranda has never been afraid to be vulnerable in his lyrics, and “Friends” is no exception. You can feel the dynamic performer’s nervous energy through his tenor voice, but equally through his lyrics such as, “I can find my way back home/Intoxicated by the love you’ve shown/But I worry about the future/Every time you see me struggling somehow.”

“‘Friends’ is a lighthearted song about being in the talking stage of a relationship and not knowing exactly how to say what you mean,” Aranda says of the new track. “It’s also a song that I self-produced and played everything on. I wanted it to be an honest expression in music.”

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His last EP, Los Angeles, featured a host of “fun, wild piano arpeggios and 808s,” but fans will recognize the smooth acoustic tonality he’s known for. Gentle guitar overlays and smooth piano melodies are more reminiscent of his earlier songs such as 10 Years.” Aranda will also embark on his first post-pandemic tour starting June 4. The Acoustic Tour is a 16-show special featuring stripped-down versions of some of his greatest hits. In addition to the tour, he’s also set to perform at San Francisco’s Outside Lands on Halloween. 

The longevity of Scarypoolparty’s musical ambition is unquestionable. While quarantine has sewn widespread uncertainty, the artist sees it as more of an opportunity to look back at his musical style. “The past year has been a time of reflection for me,” Aranda says. “It’s been a chance to strip everything back and figure out who I really am and what I really want to say.”

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To say Aranda is a renaissance artist is an understatement. His influences range from classical composers such as Bach to more contemporary artists such as Frank Zappa. His incredible finger-picking guitar on American Idol earned him a hug from judge Lionel Richie and he’s such a master shredder on piano that he dropped a 51-minute improv video via his YouTube channel. If “Friends” is a good example of how emotionally candid his next album will be, then fans have a lot to look forward to.

Scarypoolparty’s devotion to his fans is evident. With a nonchalant demeanor and authentic disposition, Aranda’s songs feel like a deep, sincere confession that attracts listeners of all backgrounds and preferences. “Friends” not only perfectly encapsulates Aranda’s euphonic prowess, but also his general demeanor: deep, personal, and all-around sublime.

You can listen to Scarypoolparty’s “Friends” below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Scarypoolparty’s The Acoustic Tour Dates:

06/04 – Tempe, AZ @ Marquee

06/08 – Dallas, TX @ House of Blues

06/09 – Houston, TX @ House of Blues

06/11 – Atlanta, GA @ Coca-Cola Roxy

06/12 – Birmingham, AL @ Avondale Brewing

06/13 – Nashville, TN (2 shows) @ The Basement East

06/14 – Memphis, TN @ Graceland

06/17 – Boulder, CO @ Boulder Theater

06/18 – Boulder, CO @ Boulder Theater

06/19 – Fort Collins, CO @ Aggie Theater

06/20 – Fort Collins, CO @ Aggie Theater

Scarypoolparty’s “Friends” Lyrics:

In the circle of your friends

I would try and talk to them

But I’m socially awkward

I don’t wanna be the one to leave

I can find my way back home

Intoxicated by the love you’ve shown

But I’m worried for the future

Every time you see me struggling some how

We’ve been trying are best to keep from each other

It’s hard enough to be hurt and still be lovers

Do you do do you

Do you do you love me

Do you do do you

Do you do do you

Do you do you love me

Do you do do you

At the bus stop on Dudley Street

She held my hand and forgave me

But I’m holding on to my life

I don’t know if I’ll jump or swim

Like an ocean painted blue

100 swans and I think of you

Blending in with everybody

I don’t want to make this

Love fade away

We’ve been trying are best to keep from each other

It’s hard enough to be hurt and still be lovers

Do you do do you

Do you do you love me

Do you do do you

Do you do do you

Do you do you love me

Do you do do you

Do you do do you

Do you do you love me

Do you do do you

Written by Josh Carter