Have you ever been rocking out to your favorite jams and happen to glance over at your cat, only to find them looking just like that ever-so-popular meme? Well, that's because they probably just don't like the music. As Popular Science pointed out in their article on music made just for cats, us humans prefer our music to “fall within our vocal range and have a tempo similar to a human heartbeat.”

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Nevertheless, cat owners fret not, because a recent study from two psychologists at the University Of Wisconsin, Madison led to the compilation of music cats will actually like. As PopSci reported, they essentially just combined sounds that cats enjoy hearing and placed them into three brief (somewhat unsettling) tracks.

You can check them out at the official Music For Cats website. (Yes, that is a thing.)

So, do they work? Let us know your cat's responses below!

[Photo via Wikimedia Commons]