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Scott Ian of Anthrax is reportedly keen to collaborate with Lady Gaga on a future album, even offering his longtime metal band as backup musicians!

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In a new interview with Duke TV (watch below), the Anthrax guitarist talks about Gaga's unlikely partnership with Metallica, the metal-pop pairing that resulted in the artists' now-infamous Grammys performance together. Ian says he's not sure if Metallica and Gaga have more plans to collaborate, but he does offer the “Perfect Illusion” songstress a pretty sweet deal on working with Anthrax, whether for a song or a whole album. (via Metal Injection)

“I don't know what their plans are—if Metallica has more plans with Lady Gaga or if she has plans with Metallica,” Ian says. “But we would certainly love to write a song together, or a whole album. Let us be your backing band. Let us be your backing band, Lady Gaga. We could make beautiful music together.”

Gaga's hard rock and metal appreciation apparently hasn't gone unnoticed. Ian says he's always thought the “Born This Way” singer had the pipes for rock.

“I've said since the beginning, since the first time I ever heard her voice,” Ian elaborates. “I always thought, 'Wow, I would really love to hear her sing on a rock record, metal record.'”

What do you think about a possible Anthrax-Gaga team-up? What rock or metal band do you think should collab with Lady Gaga?

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