While on tour in Europe with Knuckle Puck and Boston Manor, Seaway's trailer was broken into back home in Oakville, ON. This is the fourth time the band have dealt with robbery over the course of their career. Seaway have released a statement detailing that over $4000 worth of gear was stolen while they were abroad, any time between the dates of March 29 and April 19. The band have requested for anyone with information on their gear's whereabouts to contact them at [email protected] You can view their message along with photos of the gear stolen below.

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“ATTN GTA: While we were away in Europe, our trailer was broken into in Oakville, ON (sometime between March 29-April 19). $4000+ of gear was taken including Adam’s entire rig and all of Ken’s hardware. If you have any information of the whereabouts of any of this gear please contact us at [email protected] PLEASE SHARE THIS AND SPREAD THE WORD.

Description of the gear stolen below: 

Bass Rig:
New Vintage Undertow 500D Amplifier
Line 6 g90 wireless
Furman PL-8C power conditioner
Korg pitch black rack tuner (Serial: 005661)
Kent 6U shock mount flight case (Serial: 1699)

Drum Hardware:
Gator Hardware case w/ various cymbal stands, hi hat stand, thrones, hardware.
DW 3000 Double Kick Pedal”