See what the colorful neighborhood from ‘Edward Scissorhands’ looks like 25 years later

August 7, 2015
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If you've somehow never seen Tim Burton's 1990 classic, Edward Scissorhands, which stars Johnny Depp in the titular role, then you've got some catching up to do. If you have seen the film, which most of you likely have, you no doubt remember the tidy suburban neighborhood in which Edward lives with the welcoming Boggs family who take him in. Filled with pastel-colored homes, perfectly-manicured lawns and plenty of unique hedges, thoughts of the neighborhood often go hand in hand with any recollections of the film.

One Imgur user (Andrew Creameans) who lived near the area where it was filmed—in Lutz, Florida—decided to take his daughter for a tour of the neighborhood as the film approaches its 25th anniversary. Luckily for fans and those interested, Creameans took several photos of the area and matched them up with shots from the film. Most of the original homes seem to still be there 25 years later, albeit with different paint jobs and landscaping. 

As to his thoughts while exploring the area, Creameans explained to Mashable:

I couldn't believe how small of a section the neighborhood was used, it seemed so huge in the movie. It feels especially small when you are standing and looking down the street to the cul de sac the castle was on. It really just felt like any old Tampa neighborhood. I caught myself wondering many times if all these people know that their house was in the movie. If it were my house, I'd have a huge framed poster of my screenshot of the movie in my living room. I was also taken by how there are 5 million trees in the neighborhood that hadn't been planted at the time. You never realize how trees completely change the facade of a neighborhood.

You can view some of the photo comparisons below and the full collection on Imgur.

Written by Alternative Press Magazine