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It looks like Senses Fail have a few things to say to Trapt this week.

On Wednesday, the band sent a quick tweet to Trapt amid the general election which quickly sparked a slew of tweets disputing which band is actually better. Now, fans are joining in on the heated conversation.

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Trapt probably have one of the most entertaining Twitter accounts simply for the ridiculous beef frontman Chris Taylor Brown stirs up. Ice T and Danny Diablo are just two of the most recent artists to get involved in Trapt’s social media drama.

This time, however, Senses Fail started some new beef with the band after posting one single tweet.

“You @traptofficial how you doing over there?”

One fan quickly responded to the tweet, answering that Trapt are probably doing as well as their eighteen-year-old hit “Headstrong.”

“Probably doing about the same as their one single from 18 years ago.”

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Naturally, Trapt didn’t find the tweet all that funny and joined in on the social media conversation shortly after. The band quickly pointed out that Senses Fail have “never had any hits.”

“You are telling that to a band who never had any hits. How is that funny?”

Senses Fail then said that their band is doing just fine (they just released a Misfits cover split with Saves The Day). In fact, they have managed to stay afloat during these uncertain times without having to do any state fairs.

Trapt recently came under scrutiny for performing at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Rally this summer. The event not only failed to follow coronavirus protocols, but it is reportedly responsible for a massive spread of the virus across the Midwest. In fact, the motorcycle rally may be responsible for over 260,000 coronavirus cases in the United States.

“We still have a career and aren’t playing state fairs and COVID bike rallies cause we’re desperate.”

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Trapt, however, want Senses Fail to know that they made more doing those state fairs (and being part of the reason COVID-19 cases surged) than Senses Fail make during a week of touring.

“We make more money doing one of those fair shows than your band makes in a week of shows.”

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Trapt further pointed out that they apparently have had their best year in over a decade even without touring.

“@SensesFail flexin! Trapt has literally 3 times the Spotify listeners and followers. You didn’t make anything this year… Trapt had it’s best year in over a decade and didn’t even tour. Next year our shows are going to be amazing. When is the last time you even toured?”

Senses Fail disputed this apparent success and even offered Trapt an opening spot on their next tour.

“Tell yah what, next time we tour you guys can open. How about that?”

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Another fan decided to get in on the action and brought up Senses Fail’s success over the years and famous supporters including Demi Lovato.

“Bitch, don’t come for @SensesFail they shaped an entire generations music tastes and have consistently evolved as a band over time. You made a “career” out of copying more talented bands in an oversaturated, bland genre. Also when was the last time Demi Lovato shouted you out?”

Trapt clearly found this fact about Demi Lovato both hilarious and ridiculous.

“You’re a Demi Lovato super fan and you are trying to talk to me about music??”

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Trapt then responded to another fan’s dig at Senses Fail and said that the band need to do “teeny bop reunion tours every year” to keep making money.

“Yeah here is the deal with  @SensesFail Every single one of their fans knows who Trapt is and it’s been like that for many years. Barely any Trapt fans know who they are. It’s why we get those big county fair shows $$ and they need to do teeny bop reunion tours every year.”

Senses Fail, however, noticed a major flaw in Trapt’s reasoning. The band claim that Trapt fans don’t know who they are because there are barely any Trapt fans to begin with.

“Barely any Trapt fans know who we are because there are barely any Trapt fans.”

As of Thursday morning, the two bands have gone quiet and it looks like they still haven’t determined which band is better. Although it’s silent for now, it wouldn’t be surprising if this beef, or new one, starts sometime soon.

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