Set It Off have posted the lyrics to “Plastic Promises,” a track from their upcoming album. The band's debut full-length will be released this summer via Equal Vision Records. Check out the lyrics below and let us know what you think!

Verse 1:
Just give me a chance,
She said as I packed my things,
But I already did 4 times, don't you remember?
I won't blow it again,
She said with her fingers crossed,
But she forgot about the mirror behind her.
I'm done with plastic promises.

Please don't tell me that we're fine,
I got too much on my mind,
Isn't this too plain to see? Maybe.
Cause we've lost too much to gain,
We were dancing in the rain,
Tell me what am I to do,
With a double dose of you?

Verse 2:
Her lips are the gun,
And her tongue are the bullets,
She could save a life,
But she took mine away instead.
We gave it our all,
So don't call me a quitter.
And I've swear I've tried too many times before but,
I'm done with plastic promises.


Don't try to defy or even make an attempt,
My blinders are off and I am runnin' again from you,
Am I ok? Am I ok? I know I'll be ok again.
So here we go, I know,
You'd kill for everything to stay the same,
In vain, we had to go our separate ways,
When you proved to me that you would never change,
I finally woke up and exclaimed,
That I'm done with these plastic promises.