Syracuse, New York's SGNL SRND, are streaming “Called Home,” their first material since announcing their existence. While a new endeavor, their five-piece lineup have a history together in bands like Architect (Metal Blade Records), GhostxShip, How To Disappear Completely and Unholy.

“Called Home” is about how music is a part of all of us. It binds us all together. TJ, Jay and myself have been playing music together for years. For a while, we went our separate ways. That allowed me to meet Sean and Andy. Now we're all together doing this. It's like all the pieces of the puzzle came together. It's probably no coincidence that we all live in the same house. We all come from different backgrounds and all have different tastes—this is an accumulation of all of that. It's all about doing what we love with people we love,” says vocalist Keith Allen.