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Showtime made a bittersweet announcement today when they renewed Shameless for season 11 as it will also mark the Gallaghers last. While we’re currently in the midst of season 10 airing, the network has revealed that everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family will be going their separate ways at end of next season.

Showtime Networks’ President of Entertainment Gary Levine made the announcement Monday at the winter TCA press tour, according to Deadline. While a set date hasn’t been revealed, Levine states it will premiere this summer with executive producer John Wells still at the helm.

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“Airing this summer, it will be one last hurrah for the Gallaghers and their unique blend of love and lechery,” Levine says. “John Wells and his gifted cast promise to take Shameless out for a bang, and knowing Gallaghers we all as we all do, that is no idle threat.”

Wells echoed the excitement for the final season in a statement, thanking Levine and Showtime for their support.

“I’m unbelievably thankful for all of the years of support from Gary Levine and everyone at Showtime that’s allowed us to make Shameless,” Wells says. “It’s been a fantastic experience and all of us in the cast and crew have had a wonderful time following the lives of the Gallagher family and friends. It’s been a pleasure!”

Levine confirmed with Deadline that the final season will include 12 episodes and William H. Macy will be reprising his role as Frank Gallagher alongside the rest of the season 10 cast.

“Everyone who is in this year is coming back next season, and then you never know in a final season what surprises there may be,” he says.

With high hopes that Emmy Rossum will return as Fiona Gallagher after leaving at the end of season 9, Deadline presented the possibility to Levine.

“Too early to say,” he shares. ‘She would be welcomed with open arms but Emmy doesn’t owe us anything. She did great for the show as the show did great for her, and it was a very amicable parting. So if she surprises us, it would be lovely.”

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Levine also explained that ending it now just felt right.

“Shameless has been such a great performer for us, and we just felt like, 11 seasons is a big fat number,” he says. “John and his people refresh it each year, and it still gets a huge audience for us as well as for that streaming services that runs our reruns (Netflix). We just felt it was time, and we also liked the idea of giving John and Co. a chance to end it well, to be able to aim for that landing.”

The series’ social media accounts shared the news with the most Gallagher-like teaser requesting a last call.

The cast also took to their personal accounts to share the news and reflect on the road so far.

“One. Last. Hoorah,” Emma Kenney (Debbie Gallagher) tweets. “Shameless season 11: our final season. Thank you @Showtimesho for keeping us employed the last 11 years and letting everyone party with the Gallagher’s, too. And thank you guys for sticking with us for so long through all of our ups and downs. So bittersweet!”

The rest of the cast—including Macy—chimed in with short but sweet sentiments, which you can see below.

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More on Shameless

Adapted from the British series of the same name, which also aired for 11 seasons fron 2004 to 2013, the U.S. version of Shameless debuted in January 2011 with William H. Macy at the head of the Gallagher family—well, sometimes. The series follows Frank through his trials and tribulations while his children try to keep everything together.

Season 10 just kicked off in November 2019 and will conclude with its twelfth episode Jan. 26. It marks the first without matriarch figure Fiona Gallagher who was portrayed by Emmy Rossum for nine seasons.

As season 7 came to a close in 2016, Rossum made headlines over a contract dispute as she demanded equal pay to Macy. With producers agreeing to the terms, Rossum continued to hold out, requesting back pay to make up for the wage disparity. While Rossum was quiet on her pursuit, Macy publicly backed his co-star’s negotiations, stating it’s about time women receive equal pay.

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“They wrote the Equal Rights Amendment in 1927,” Macy begins. “It didn’t get passed by both houses of Congress until 1972. It still hasn’t been approved by all the states, therefore it didn’t make it as an amendment to the Constitution. About fucking time, don’t you think?”

All parties came to an agreement shortly after, and the series moved forward with Rossum on an additional two seasons. A little less than two years later, Rossum announced season 9 would be her last.

The next episode of Shameless season 10 airs Jan. 19 with the finale following on Jan. 26.

What are your thoughts on the Gallaghers saying goodbye with season 11? Let us know in the comments below.

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