shawn mendes
[Photo via Twitter/MTV]

Shawn Mendes is a mainstream success with Top 40 mega-hits in “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back,” “Treat You Better” and “In My Blood”—just to name a few.

Despite his successful career, Mendes is no stranger to having embarrassing moments as he details in his cover story for this month’s Variety.

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When asked what he thinks of when reflecting on his “most embarrassing moment,” Mendes points to “[falling on his] ass in front of 80,000 people.” That alone is cringeworthy enough, but add in the fact Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl was standing on side the side of the stage for the Festival d’été in Quebec set, and it’s downright mortifying.

“I was excited and I didn’t see how high I was jumping from, and Dave Grohl was on the side of the stage, watching,” Mendes tells Variety. “It was … amazing.”

After showing the reporter the video of his fall (seen above), Mendes moves on to the aftermath from the July festival stop. Finding a clip from later that night, Mendes plays back a moment from the Foo Fighers’ headlining set.

Grohl takes time between songs to state, “Shawn Mendes is a bad motherfucker. You know why? Because he touched me.”

The full clip shows Grohl explaining that he watched Mendes the previous night, and that like the singer-songwriter, the Foo Fighters “want to touch the people.”

Mendes admits to replaying Grohl’s statement “about a million times” as “it’s the coolest thing anyone’s ever going to say about [him].”