Shoes made of gum
[Photo by: Publicis One Nederland/YouTube]

Shoes made from used chewing gum? You better believe it! Spearheaded by a company called Gumdrop, the so-called “Gumshoe” reportedly even smells like bubblegum when you first slip ’em on. Below, check out a video of the new kicks.

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As pointed out by Mashable, the shoe’s base material is literally used chewing gum collected from the street, cleaned and prepared for use. The synthetic rubber properties within chewing gum aid the construction of the new shoe rubber.

The Gumshoe was covered by Fortune earlier this year, with the business magazine relaying Gumdrop’s reported figure of the 2.2 pounds of gum it takes to manufacture the soles for four pairs of sneakers. Holy schnikes, that’s a lot of gum!

The material itself, Gum-Tec, is 20% chewing gum overall. The streets of Amsterdam provide the used gum for the compound. Gumdrop and collaborators Designer Explicit Wear and marketing firm Iamsterdam are located in the Dutch city.

Over 3 million pounds of gum reportedly ends up on Amsterdam streets, annually. So it looks like there’s plenty of gum to go around for the new Gumshoes. How would you feel about trying on a Gumshoe? Sound off in the comments.

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