[Photo credit: Mashable/Shonin Inc]

We live in a crazy world that is often unpredictable. Shonin Inc have created a clip-on camera to help you stay safe at your next march, protest, social activation or event that acts like your own personal security camera.

Check out this “watchdog” camera below!

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The “Shonin Streamcam” is easily clipped to your shirt or jacket, and begins recording at the tap of a button. Footage is sent straight to iCloud but you can also set it to stream to multiple platforms such as Facebook Live, or set it to record to an SD card. 

It's waterproof design makes it ideal for many uses and allows you a little more peace of mind when attending your next event. 

Get a sneak peek at this sleek streamcam below.

You can purchase this clip-on camera for $169 on IndieGoGO.

Would you feel safer with this streamcam? Let us know in the comments below.