NPR has run an article that tackles the debate of whether or not taller people should feel obligated to stand in the back during concerts. “Nothing makes a concertgoer feel put-upon more quickly than standing still and minding your own business as a towering wall erects itself in front of you,” writes Stephen Thompson. “And, of course, it's far worse when said wall appears to lack consideration or even awareness—it makes the shorter person feel disregarded, invisible, ignored.”

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But what about taller people and how they feel? “Now, remember that some circumstances create an awkward conundrum for tall folks: A 6'8″ person on a date with a 4'8″ person is going to have a tricky time balancing companionship with courtesy, perhaps by employing a wall, or pillar-based strategy. And, more to the point, everyone's gotta stand somewhere, you know?”

Thompson wraps things up by referencing the unwritten rule of “do not harm,” which applies to not just concerts, but life in general.

What do you think? Should taller people feel obligated to stand in the back at concerts? Or is that just show-going blasphemy?