Showdown of the century, Dad Wars with Gerard Way vs. Mark Hoppus, was great while it lasted

August 16, 2015
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Put down your popcorn, folks. What was gearing up to be an excellent cardigan-based social media showdown between noted internet dads Gerard Way and Mark Hoppus has ended before it even began.

It all started last week when Gerard Way tweeted his million-plus followers to help him track down a Ralph Lauren cardigan—the pinnacle of dad fashion.


“I feel my transformation will be complete if I were to acquire it,” he said. “I need this cardigan to out-dad @markhoppus. The internet depends on it.”

The following day, having procured what appears to be THE dad cardigan, Way prompted the challenge again.


Your move, Hoppus

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Not one to be defeated so easily, Mark Hoppus fired back this time with station wagons. And Way took the paternal rumble beyond even that with some CVS hardware procuring.

Things were getting a little too tense in the Dad Wars by that point. Ever the fosterer of good vibes and peace, Way put an end to it.

“Dad wars are over,” he tweeted less than a half-hour after his final move. “There needs to be peace in this universe.”

We understand. But Dad Wars could have been great. So great.

Who knows what might have come next. Vacation-wear? Probably lots of visor-centric fashion, yeah.

Written by Cassie Whitt