[Photo by: Shrek/Dreamworks]

Ever wonder what Shrek would be like if 200 people with majorly different creative styles got together to recreate the film? No? I haven’t either—but after watching this weird, freaky, and still oddly hilarious trailer, I’m gad they did.

Watch the trailer for Shrek Retold below!

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This bizarre fan film is slated for a full release on November 29, but in the meantime, you simply HAVE to watch the trailer.

Various animation styles, amateur voice actors, comic work and some pretty terrible acting have come together for a fan remake unlike any other you’ve ever seen.

3GI somehow managed to pull in 200 people for this project, which honestly isn’t that surprising considering they hold a Shrekfest every year.

The fan-made film features work from Uncle Joe, Michael Cusack, Christine Chandler, Cherdleys, Anthony Fantano, Chris Bores and many, MANY more.

We’re a little disappointed that there’s no “All Star” by Smashmouth remake in there, but were still holding out hope that they’ll put it in the full-length film.

Check out the weird AF trailer below!

The original Shrek film hit theaters 17 years ago, sparking three sequels, a musical, a ton of memes, and numerous short films.

You’ll be able to watch the full version of Shrek Retold on November 29.

What did you think of this acid trip remake? Will you be watching the full version of this fan recreation? Sound off in the comments below!