[Photo by: Shudder]

Shudder has a new TV series coming out, and it’s sure to be killer.

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The trailer for Deadwax, a new TV series about a vinyl record that actually kills people, has officially arrived, and we have so many questions.

The forthcoming horror series comes from Shudder, a streaming service that focuses its attention on films and TV series all in the horror genre, is set to be an eight-episode order lasting about 15-minutes each.

As for what the horror series is about, that’s a bit challenging to pinpoint. Per the series’ official synopsis:

“A young woman is pulled into a murder investigation revolving around a curious vinyl record which has driven those who possess it mad, and killed anyone who dared to listen to it.”

Deadwax was created and directed by Graham Reznick, who you might recognize as the sound designer for the likes of horror projects including Stake Land and The House Of The Devil. 

The show will make its debut at Austin’s Fantastic Fest Sept. 23!

Watch the trailer for “Deadwax” below:

Are you excited for Shudder’s newest horror flick? Sound off in the comments below and let us know your thoughts on this killer vinyl.

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