VersaEmerge vocalist Sierra Kusterbeck has signed up to teach voice lessons via BANDHAPPY, a website that offers online and on-tour music lessons from various musicians.

Sierra went in-depth into the type of lessons she will have available:

“We can sing & talk about your voice, voice confidence, lyrical content, songwriting inspiration, & whatever questions you have. I can share all that i have learned from the teachers and coaches through out my life, including my personal experience.”

The online lessons are $30, and more information can be found on Sierra's profile.

VersaEmerge guitarist Blake also offered various lessons via BANDHAPPY earlier this year through last month.

The band recently dropped off Warped Tour (where they had planned to be involved with BANDHAPPY in person) to continue working on “reorganization” and new music.

You can hear a stream of their most recent track, “Bones,” from the upcoming album, Another Atmosphere, which can be previewed here.