Silent Planet fans are well versed in vocalist Garrett Russell's semi-trolling Twitter technique, in which he'll tweet at celebrities, politicians and others with humorous entreaties to listen to his band—often with a meaningful message attached. Now, his amazing Twitter game has an added bonus for users: you can use it to shut down creepy DMs!

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On Tuesday, a photographer on Twitter as @KnowHopeInLee posted screenshots of a would-be suitor slidin' into her DMs, attempting to pretend he'd met her years prior. “This guy tried to convince me the entire day that I met him at a bar in Boston years ago… before I was 21… lmao bye,” she tweeted.

Of course, Russell wasn't gonna let that slide. He asked the tweeter to “Tell him to check out my band b4 u go plz,” which she used in response to the creeper—calling himself a “mathematician”—in full-shut-down fashion.

“No, that never happened,” she responded to the dude. “You + me = Never a thing. E=mc'cya,” adding, “But like yo check out silent planet they're DOPE AF or 'mathematical'.”

“Sisters, this is how it's done,” Russell said. See the screenshots below:

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