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Simple Creatures gave us a much-needed sneak peek at their forthcoming new music with the recent release of “Special.” Since the drop, we’ve been eager to find out when we’d be getting those new jams.

Now, it looks like we may finally have a release date for that new EP!

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The band headlined the Avalanche Stage at this year’s Download Festival, speaking with Rock Sound about forthcoming tour plans.

“We’re going to be touring the U.S. in the Fall,” Mark Hoppus reveals. “And other countries as well, but I don’t think those have been announced yet. Although the U.S. hadn’t been announced yet and I just ruined that too. Ask me a question, I’m going to answer you honestly and not be obtuse like ‘oh I dunno we’re kinda talking about-‘ WE’RE TOURING THE U.S. IN THE FALL.”

When asked about the forthcoming EP, Alex Gaskarth revealed we would see it “sooner than [we] think.”

“There’s no timeline with this band, it’s always just as it happens and as it feels right things will come out. So EP two is starting to sound like an EP two, so we’re like OK – let’s fire that one up… For sure – sooner than you think.”

Hoppus interrupted, asking Gaskarth “Why don’t you say the date?”

“Oh, oh! We’re shooting for Friday, September 13,” Alex revealed. “Because we’re spooky like that. We said ‘when’s the next Friday the 13th because we’re spooky like that.”

Simple Creatures also had a very magical Download Festival performance, where they played “Special” for the first time live.

The band were joined onstage by a pack (a herd?) of unicorns, making the song that much more special.

Check it out, as well as Gaskarth’s pretty impressive dance moves, below!

You can find us pulling the same moves on Sept. 13.

Are you excited for the new Simple Creatures EP? Sound off in the comments below!

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