Earlier this month, Alex Gaskarth and Mark Hoppus teased fans with a photo of himself and Hoppus as the cranky old men Muppets saying “who’s about ready for some new Creatures then?”

Fans were elated with the news of new Simple Creatures music on the horizon and now, it looks like we’ll be getting it sooner than we thought!

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The duo previously said in the interview with Rocksound they had plans to create a full album.

“Album, yes,” Hoppus says. “When we first set out, we had enough music to put out a record but I don’t think we wanted to inundate people with that much music right off the bat. We wanted to put out some music [then] put out some more music later.”

Now, Simple Creatures have taken to Instagram to post what is believed to be a lyric, along with the date June 13.

“I just wanna feel good,” the post says, which is currently the only image on the band’s Instagram account.


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June 13

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Could this be that long-awaited album announcement? Or perhaps we’re getting a brand new track to jam?

It looks like we’ll have a few more days of waiting before we find out!

In case you missed it, Simple Creatures released a video for their third single “Adrenaline” back in April which you can watch below. That video follows the release of a “Drug” lyric video and a “Strange Love” music video.

What do you think Simple Creatures are teasing? Do you think we’ll get a new song or album on the 12th? Sound off your theories in the comments below!

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